A downloadable game

Deify is a new age Myst like adventure game, built for the Leap Motion 3D Jam.

From the bowels of emtpiness the evolution of consciousness emerges.
Journey through the dark corners of the Cosmos, where the shape of Reality causes morality disollution and ethics realingment. What starts as a struggle for survival becomes the ultimate Ambition.

Wander through an H.P. Lovecraft inspired universe, where all life is undone and all creation is unmade. Unveil the secrets of the Dreamlands, solve dark riddles, all inside the distorted perspective of a tortured conscience.

Install instructions

- Unzip and play

- Requires the Leap Motion Controller


Deify_LM_1.0.0_Windows.zip 338 MB
Deify_LM_1.0.0_OSX.dmg 353 MB